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General BMX Maintenance

General BMX Maintenance

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General BMX Maintenance

General BMX Maintenance includes:

Chain Cleaning and Lubrication with Tensioning:

  • We remove all sand and dirt from your chain.
  • We lubricate your chain with high-quality chain oil.
  • We ensure the chain has the right amount of slack.

Nut and Bolt Tightening:

  • We will tighten nuts and bolts to ensure your bike is solid and secure.
  • Optionally, we will add grease to assure the good condition of the threads.

Spoke Tension Check:

  • The right amount of spoke tensions maintains optimal wheel integrity.
  • This will prevent the need for later adjustments to your spokes.

Brake Adjustment:

  • We will fine-tune your brakes for precision control on the trails.

Tire Inflation:

  • We will ensure your tires are properly inflated so you can have that extra blast!
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