Buy a BMX

Anyone who buys a bmx at Soulcycle will get:

  • Tailored advice: we will consider the height of the rider to determine which frame- and wheel size is the best fit. Do you want to ride park, dirt, street or are you considering to start riding bmx? We will help you to find a bike that suits you!
  • A bmx assembled by one of our experienced bike mechanics. While assembling the bike, we will provide certain parts with grease. This prevents certain parts from scratches and keeps the thread of the bolts in mint condition. Furthermore: we align the rear wheel, check the chain tension and adjust the brakes precisely. Only when everything fits snug, the bike will leave our workshop to be displayed in our store.
  • A free bmx check-up within three weeks after purchase. We will tighten the bolts and nuts of the bike, revise the brakes and check the spoke tension and air pressure.
  • Advice for choosing protection. Last but not least: proper protection is indispensable. We will help you to find a helmet in the right size (and color) and offer you a great variety of knee, shin, ankle and elbow protection.

See you soon at Soulcycle!

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