BMX Service

When you buy a new BMX bike from our store, we guarantee that it will be built to last. Because BMX bikes are subjected to intense use, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly check your bike after your first session and repeat this process after every subsequent session. This will help you learn to properly maintain your bike and ensure its longevity.


After enjoying your BMX bike for 1-3 weeks, we invite you to return to our store for a complimentary first maintenance service valued at €35. You can schedule an appointment for this service by phone or email. Please note that this free service is only valid for up to 3 weeks after the purchase date.

If you notice any issues with your bike, please don't hesitate to report them to us. We'll be happy to check them for you and offer advice on how to maintain your BMX bike yourself.
You can find more info about our BMX services and its rates below.

BMX General Maintenance

Service Price

We will tighten nuts and bolts, check the spoke tension, clean the chain and adjust the tension, adjust the brake, and inflate the tires.

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€ 35,00


Service Price
Replace front tire € 12,50
Replace rear tire € 15,00
Wheel build (rims, hubs, and spokes bought at Soulcycle) € 30,00
Wheel build (parts aren’t bought at Soulcycle) € 40,00
Wheel build including disassembly of old wheel € 50,00


Service Price
Install a set of pedals € 8,00
Install chain € 12,50
Install sprocket € 17,50
Install bottom bracket € 25,00
Install spindle € 25,00

Handlebar and Fork

Service Price
Install grips € 10,00
Shorten handlebars € 15,00
Install stem € 15,00
Install headset € 25,00
Install fork € 25,00


Service Price
Install brake pads and brake adjustment € 12,50
Install cable and brake adjustment € 12,50
Install a brake set (brake lever, cable, and caliper) € 25,00
Install gyro brake system € 40,00
We are happy to inform you about any repair that is not mentioned above!