Best of Marnix Report

Yo BMX fans!

Date: Saturday, September 2, 2023
Duration: 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: Marnix Bowl, Eerste Marnixplantsoen, 1015 ZA Amsterdam (Opposite Marnixstraat 115)
Number of Participants: 40+

For the 6th time, Soulcycle unleashed BMX Freestyle mayhem at the USWA, and this time it was the "Soulcycle Best of Marnix - Dive Deep" edition. Did you know that our very first USWA edition started right here at the Marnix Bowl in 2016? Back to our roots!

We're proud to say that the 2023 edition of Soulcycle Best of Marnix Dive Deep was epic. With over 40 participants, ranging from mini shredders as young as 8 to seasoned rippers at 41 and beyond, they battled it out in 5 categories: under 16, over 16, women, pro, and of course, the intense best trick competition to end the day in style.

When the first rider dropped into the Marnix Bowl for the under-16 competition, we knew this was going to be a spectacle. The qualifiers were already at an insane level. Everyone cheered each other on, leading to killer runs by all. The top 8 advanced to the finals later in the day.

The bowl filled with stoked spectators for the over-16 category. Brayden Gabriel, with high-speed manuals, went up against Daan van Wijck Jurriaanse, who flowed through the bowl with style. Trick machine Mario Emanualson led with stylish tricks.

After the under-16 and over-16 categories, the crowd was ready for the explosive qualifiers of the pro riders. The additional obstacles at the bowl were fully utilized. Stijn Hens, with manuals over the Vans subbox, and Sem Kok, who started early in the qualifiers with big airs above the Dive Deep vert wall, narrowly edged out Levi Weidmann and Jari Roggeveen.

The audience enjoyed the BMX show and the beats on vinyl from DJ King Koen, who spun a mix of House, Rock, Hip Hop, and even some Johnny Jordaan for the local flavor.

Time for the finals, starting with the women. Hannah Louwrier defended her Best of Marnix title from last year against Shanice Silva de Cruz and Marie Eisma. Both ladies rocked with great runs, but in the end, Hannah held onto her title.

In the under-16 final, the youngest participant was 8-year-old Odin Paulissen. His older brother Saimi ultimately clinched the title in this category with a fantastic run filled with impressive tricks. Adrie van Zandvoort, who usually rides street, showed that he can shine in the bowl as well, earning silver. Boaz van Calsteren completed the podium with a well-deserved 3rd place. These kids are already showing their skills; imagine what they'll do in a year!

The over-16 category also went all out. Brayden Gabriel almost reached the 2.44-meter-high wall for a manual, but just missed it. Benny seized the opportunity and took 3rd place with a solid run. Daan van Wijck Jurriaanse went even higher and more stylish in the finals, grabbing silver. Mario Emanualson showcased solid, impressive runs and claimed the top spot!

Time for action in the pro finals. We had already seen some hard tricks in the qualifiers, but all 8 pro riders saved their best for last. The Dive Deep vert wall was their playground, and it went down hard. Levi Weidmann with a smith stall on the wall, a massive gap from Sem Kok, high flairs from Jari Roggeveen, and Stijn Hens threw everything with style into their hard tricks. The top 3 were neck and neck. Levi Weidmann took 1st place with runs filled with hard tricks. Sem Kok in 2nd and Jari Roggeveen in 3rd. Jari, however, gave an encore with a flair transfer to the Dive Deep wall, securing 1st place in the best trick competition. What a finale and show by all the riders!

We look back on an amazing day at the Marnix Bowl. The atmosphere was top-notch, and the Best of Marnix was a day full of excitement and spectacle. The riders, the audience, MC Maityn, DJ King Koen, our sponsors, the municipality of Amsterdam, and the staff all contributed to the success of this event. We're looking forward to the next edition of the Best of Marnix in 2024. It's going to be a big celebration because it coincides with Soulcycle's 25th anniversary! Get ready!

Ride on, 

Picture: Aaron Zwaal