BMX Rentals

Interested in riding a BMX bike for a day or need one for a special occasion? We offer a variety of BMX rental bikes for your needs.


  • 1 day: €25
  • Additional days: €10 per day
  • Deposit: €200 (refundable if paid by debit/credit card)

Rental Conditions:

  • The renter will receive the bike in good condition and is responsible for any damage during the rental period. The renter must pay for repair costs and replacement of damaged parts.
  • If the bicycle is returned after the agreed-upon return date, the renter will be charged a full day's rent for each day the bike is late, calculated from the closing time on the return date.
  • In the event of theft, the renter is liable for the current market value of the bicycle.
  • The renter is fully responsible for any damage caused to third parties.
  • The use of the rental BMX bike is at your own risk. Soulcycle/lessor is not liable for any damage, of any kind, that the renter may suffer as a result of riding the rental BMX bike.
  • The rental BMX bike must be returned by 6 p.m. on the agreed-upon return date.
  • The full rental fee applies for early returns.
  • If the rented bicycle is returned late, we will charge the agreed daily rate.

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