BMX Bike Sizes

If you're looking for more information on bike sizes, we've got you covered. Our BMX bikes come in four sizes, with the wheel size being the most important factor. The wheel size options are 12", 14", 16", 18", and 20", with 20" being the most common size in our range. However, some children may be too small for a 20" BMX and will require a smaller bike.

So, how do you determine which bike size is right for you? It's simple - there should be at least one inch of clearance between the top tube and the rider's crotch. To make things even easier, we've included a list of our bike sizes below, along with the corresponding minimum length and an age indication.

These are the sizes of our bikes with the corresponding minimum length, we also added an indication of age:

Bicycle wheel size in inches Minimum inseam length Body height Age
12" 36 cm <110 cm 3-4 years
14" 44 cm 95 - 110 cm 4-5 years
16" 49 cm 110 - 122 cm 5-7 years
18" 53 cm 122 - 147 cm 7-11 years
20" 57 cm 147 - 193 cm 11+ years

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