Book your appointment for general BMX service online!

Book your appointment for general BMX service online!

As the BMX season kicks in, it's time to ensure your (t)rusty ride is ready to tackle trails, parks, and streets. Our General BMX Maintenance is here to get your two-wheeled companion in peak performance, and from now on, you can conveniently book your appointment for this service online.

General BMX Maintenance includes:

Chain Cleaning and Lubrication with Tensioning:

  • We remove all sand and dirt from your chain.
  • We lubricate your chain with high-quality chain oil.
  • We ensure the chain has the right amount of slack.

Nut and Bolt Tightening:

  • We will tighten nuts and bolts to ensure your bike is solid and secure.
  • Optionally, we will add grease to assure the good condition of the threads.

Spoke Tension Check:

  • The right amount of spoke tensions maintains optimal wheel integrity.
  • This will prevent the need for later adjustments to your spokes.

Brake Adjustment:

  • We will fine-tune your brakes for precision control on the trails.

Tire Inflation:

  • We will ensure your tires are properly inflated so you can have that extra blast!

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