The Latest Soulcycle Creation: 20" Custom BMX

The Latest Soulcycle Creation: 20" Custom BMX

Soulcycle proudly presents our latest creation - a custom BMX meticulously curated to meet the needs of an experienced rider. This masterpiece is more than just a bike; it is evidence of our dedication to providing riders with a distinctive and personalized experience.

Crafted specifically for a rider with years of experience, this BMX is the result of a collaboration between rider and builder. As his 18-inch bike has become too small, we set out to create a 20-inch BMX with a lower handlebar and a shorter top tube. Every detail, from the choice of components to the geometry of the frame, has been finely tuned to enhance the comfort, control, and overall enjoyment of the rider.

Frame: Cult Crew with a 20-Inch Top Tube (Callan Stibbards Colorway)
At the core of this beauty is the Cult Crew frame, featuring a 20-inch top tube in the eye-catching Callan Stibbards Colorway. Designed for riders seeking a seamless blend of style and performance.

Fork: Odyssey R32
Ride with confidence through streets and parks with Odyssey R32 forks, renowned for their durability and responsive handling.

Handlebars: Cult Crew 8-Inch Rise
Designed for comfort and control, these handlebars offer the perfect balance between style and functionality. With an 8-inch rise, they are suitable for a shorter rider.

Stem: Profile Push 53mm
The heart of control lies in the Profile Push stem, measuring 53mm. Precision-engineered and stylishly crafted, this stem ensures a secure connection between the handlebars and the frame, providing the stability you need to push your limits.

Wheelset: Odyssey Hazard Lite Rims, Odyssey HGS Spokes, Cult Crew Cassette, and Front Hub
The beating heart of this custom BMX is a carefully selected wheelset that combines strength and style. Odyssey Hazard Lite rims, laced with Odyssey HGS spokes, bring unparalleled durability. Combined with the reliability of the Cult Crew cassette and front hub.

Tires: Cult Inner Tubes with Odyssey Super Circuit Tires
Grip the pavement with confidence with Cult Inner Tubes and Odyssey Super Circuit tires that complete the wheelset.

At Soulcycle, we understand that every rider is unique, and their bike should reflect their individual style and preferences. This creation stands as a symbol of our commitment to going beyond the ordinary and providing a tailored riding experience for those who demand more from their BMX.

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