New Arrival: Demolition

New Arrival: Demolition

In 2000, the seeds of the BMX brand Demolition were sown during a fateful road trip through the scenic landscapes of Ashland, Oregon. It was Brian Castillo, accompanied by Jason Enns and Kris Bennett, who conceived the notion of a fresh parts brand.

This moment of inspiration birthed Demolition, heralding a new era of rider-centric design and ownership in the world of BMX. Now, almost 24 years later, Demolition is a trustworthy and renown BMX brand. Shop their latest products, now at Soulcycle!

Amongst this restock you will find:

Demolition Hammerhead-S Folding Tire

These signature tires bear the mark of Mike "Hucker" Clark himself. Crafted to endure, provide superior grip, and maintain a lightweight feel, they embody Hucker's vision for excellence on the streets and in the park. Avalable in 2.25” and 2.4”.

Demolition x Markit Stem

The Limited Edition Demolition x Markit 6061 Top Load Alloy Stem, meticulously engineered with advanced internal and external machining to minimize weight. Its sleek design features rounded edges and a top cut-out, allowing the fork top cap to sit recessed.

Demolition Kevin Paraza Stem

Boasting a sleek tapered body, it offers an expanded clamping surface for increased grip, while its rounded edges and internal machining ensure optimal weight reduction. Personalized with Kevin's distinctive graphics etched on both the top and side, it also features a cleverly placed Demolition logo on the face.

Demolition Trooper Alloy Pedals

Sleekly crafted from slim extruded and machined 6061 T6 aluminum, this platform pedal boasts a horizontally concaved body, providing exceptional grip. With 10 flush mount pins on each side, traction is optimized for any ride. Its updated CNC-machined heat-treated CRMO spindle now features two sealed bearings and a polycarbonate bushing, ensuring longevity and smooth operation for years to come.

Browse the complete collection of Demoliton parts here!

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