New Arrival: TSG

New Arrival: TSG

TSG, also known as Technical Safety Gear, is dedicated to creating top-tier protective gear for action sports enthusiasts. With a strong focus on innovation and design, TSG collaborates with professional athletes to develop helmets, pads, and apparel that meet the highest safety standards. Their products cater to a variety of sports, including skateboarding, BMX, snowboarding, and mountain biking. TSG BMX helmets are available at Soulcyle, amongst them, you will find:


The Skate/BMX helmet, introduced in 1998, quickly became a classic and set the standard for many helmets that followed. This traditionally shaped half-shell lid gained widespread recognition in 1999 when it safeguarded skateboard legend Tony Hawk from a severe injury during his attempt at a full loop.

Dawn Flex

The revolutionary Dawn Flex helmet combines soft-fit comfort with CE-certified safety. This classic full-cut design with ear protection uses FlexTech innovation, featuring EPS foam segments connected by a reinforced skeleton. It flexes to mold to your head, ensuring a snug fit without cramping while exceeding safety standards. The Dawn Flex delivers the perfect blend of comfort and protection!

Kraken II

The Kraken features a series of interior EPS foam segments linked by a reinforcing framework. This design adapts precisely to the shape of your head, ensuring superior comfort while exceeding safety standards. The Kraken II keeps you safe and sound!

Not sure what size helmet you need? Check out TSG Helmet Sizing Chart or come by at the Soulcycle Store to fit a TSG helmet!

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