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As you find way into your first BMX bike, there are two points to consider before buying.

At first, make sure the bike you are looking for has the right frame size. The frame size of all complete BMX bikes can be found in their specs and is defined as “top tube length”. This length indicates the distance between the center point of the seat tube to the center point of the head tube. The Kink Curb, the Kink Launch, the Fiend Embryo Type O, the Subrosa Sono and Subrosa Altus come with a top tube between 20.0 to 20.5 inch. This makes these bike ideal for riders with a height of 140 cm to 170 cm.

Furthermore, you can take a look at the material the frame set (frame, fork & handle bar) is made of. Most starter bikes are made out of high-ten steel, and although this material is not as strong as chromoly steel, a high-ten frame set is a perfect option for the ones starting out and for kids since their riding does not demand the strongest type of bike components.

If you have any question about finding a right starter BMX, we are happy to help you out! You can always come by in the Soulcycle Store or contact us here.

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