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Shadow Little One peg

Shadow Little One peg

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Weight per variant
BLACK / 4.33''LONG / CRMO PEG: 0.19 kg
BLACK / 4.0''LONG / CRMO PEG: 0.19 kg
BLACK / 4.33''LONG / PC SLEEVE: 0.19 kg
material: Heat treated 4140 chromoly
length: choose available length in inch in the size menu above
diameter: 34 mm
axle hole: 14mm with adaptor for 3/8 inch (10mm) axles

sold per piece

additional information:
inner machining for lightness
anti rotation pin included
Shadow Slicker Peg Sleeve
material: Injection molded composite
length: 4,33 inch (110mm)
diameter: 40mm

sold per piece
additional information: Please note that this plastic sleeve only fits Shadow Little One pegs 4 inch long Plastic peg covers designed for use with Little Ones pegs only
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